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Fall Lawn Care


Months Included: September, October, November

Autumn is your opportunity to feed your cool-season grasses and prepare for the chilly winter months.

  • Fertilize: Feed your cool-season grass to encourage strong root growth. Your lawn will store up the nutrients it will need as it goes dormant during the winter.
  • Mow short: When late fall rolls around, adjust your lawn mower setting so that it’s approximately 1.5 – 2 inches shorter than you had it during the summer. In cool regions, this will help prevent snow mold, and in warm regions, falling leaves will have a harder time matting down shorter grass.
  • Path/seed: the heat of the summer and less-than-ideal growing conditions may have led to some thinning areas or bare patches on your lawn. When the temperature has cooled down, patch these areas with seed to restore your lawn’s thickness. Choose a grass seed that will thrive in your region and unique lawn, making sure it can tolerate shade or full sun, as needed. Remove any dead grass and debris. Use a trowel or spade to break up the soil, then work an inch or so of compost into it to add nutrients. Spread the seed over the soil, then work it in with a rake. Place a thin later of straw over the newly seeded area–this will protect the seeds from the elements and curious birds. For the first few weeks, water this area more regularly than your lawn. It needs several mistings per day until the grass grows an inch tall.


Powerpoint: Aeration and Seeding



Potassium Info:

How It Works: Potassium’s main function has to do with moisture relations in plants. It strengthens the cell walls and improves the plants ability to absorb and to retain moisture.

The Benefits: By using potassium lawn color, density and overall vigor are improved without promoting any top growth. Potassium does improve root growth and reduces watering frequency, resulting in a healthier plant with less disease problems. The grass plant also has an improved tolerance to wear, heat and cold.

What We Use: We use a granular fertilizer with an analysis of 0-0-62.